What Are the Different Colors of Cowhide Rugs?

What Are the Different Colors of Cowhide Rugs?

So, you've decided to buy a cowhide rug for your home. When you're exploring the market for the perfect cowhide rug, you notice that practically all of them have the same distinctive pattern and warm hues, and they all appear to be almost identical with just minor variances. What color should you choose? What color would suit your living room?

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Cowhide rugs are available in a wide range of colors and designs. Different colors have different effects on the ambiance of your home, so choosing the appropriate one is crucial. While color is a matter of personal opinion, let's take a look at the many hues of cowhide rugs to help you determine which color would work best in your home.

Let’s dive right in.

Single-colored cowhide

A cowhide rug with a single color such as black, brown, or beige is probably the most common type of cowhide that’s available on the market. Single-colored cowhide rugs are less expensive compared to cowhides with patterns and multiple colors. If you want a rug that looks attractive but without being overly imposing to the eye, solid-colored hide is the best option. It is easy to style in any space and can blend quite smoothly with the rest of your décor pieces.  However, believe it or not, the rarest of all cowhides is a pure white one.  These are highly sought after and due to their limited quantities are very hard to find, but Furug has them!

Hereford cowhide

These are the classic brown and white cowhide rugs from the skin of Hereford cattle.  They have that timeless appeal that can make any room feel cozy. The strong contrast of the colors reddish-brown and white is what makes this type of cowhide the favorite of many. Hereford cowhide rugs are a great example of how color distribution, not only the colors themselves, can make a big impact.

Black and white cowhide

Cowhide with a black and white pattern is considered an iconic one. It is the cowhide color that’s typically used in contemporary homes because the unique play of pattern adds an edge to the rest of the elements and makes the room look chic and sophisticated. The immaculate white part of the cowhide contrasts strongly against the shiny black blotches or patterns making the rug a perfect element if your aim is to have an eye-catching piece that will draw the attention of your guests. 

Brindle cowhide

The beautiful patterns that naturally develop throughout the hide make brindle hides particularly desirable. The patterns, which are commonly stripes, are layered on top of one another. The stripes can be black, or white and they merge together over the entire rug.

They offer a cozy, inviting feel, making them ideal for a studio or a quiet reading place. Because of the range of hues embellishing the hide, they mix in nicely with a variety of settings whether it be in the bedroom, kitchen, dining area, or living room. 

Exotic cowhide

Exotic cowhides are rugs that consist of three colors which is why they are also referred to as tricolors. These colors are typically white, black, and brown. Among the other types of cowhides, this is probably the one with the most distinctive pattern. It is playful to the eye and makes a great statement piece. The patterns range from huge blotches to smaller dots, almost like paint splashed onto a white canvas. 

Speckled and Salt Pepper cowhide

A salt and pepper cowhide as the name suggests embodies the color of salt and pepper. The majority of the rug is white with specks of black or brown like pepper sprinkled into salt. Some speckled cowhide rugs have huge blotches of dark colors but you will know that it is speckled other than exotic because of the specks scattered all over the rug. It looks great in both dark-finished and white-finished flooring. 

Dyed cowhide

Because leather works well with dye, you can also find dyed cowhides. A dyed cowhide rug is right for you if you want to go bold with colors other than opting for the natural earth tones of the original hide. Cowhide can be dyed with different colors and you can even add patterns. If you prefer vibrant colors, opt for brighter ones like pink, yellow, lilac, or red. On the other hand, if you want darker hues that induce a sense of grandeur, moss, or dark purple is best.  

Metallic cowhide

Want to make your space look luxurious and expensive? You should definitely get yourself a metallic cowhide rug. Metallic cowhide glows and sparkles because elements of either silver, blue, or gold are added on the rug carefully by hand to achieve that posh appeal. Cowhides are not just for contemporary or country-style homes. They also look good in Hollywood luxe and regency style interiors. Just get the sparkly ones. 

Stenciled cowhide

The cowhide rug with a zebra-skin pattern is not made of zebra skin. It is still cowhide that has been stenciled with colorful dyes to create an unusual design. Among other kinds of cowhides colors, the stenciled rug is the most attractive and sought after because of its distinctive pattern. You can dye the stripes in a variety of colors. Some of the most popular stenciled patterns are zebra skin and tiger skin. 

There you have it! We have named all the cowhides you see on stores and we’re pretty sure by now, you already know how to identify a Hereford cowhide from Stenciled. Which among the cowhides do you think you should purchase? Check out our cowhide selection here and choose your beautiful and unique one today!

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