Bison or Buffalo Rugs As Gorgeous Home Decor

Why A Buffalo Hide Is the Perfect Rug for Your Home? 

Interior design experts believe rugs to be the most important component. Our house feels unfinished without rugs as if something is missing from the scene. Rugs define the area and give your house a cozier and warmer feel. If you like rugs, you've undoubtedly heard of a buffalo hide.

Buffalo or Bison hides are a common material used to make rugs. It is a product manufactured from the natural, unbleached skin and fur of a buffalo. Buffalo hides are not only a durable and high-quality rug material, but it is also a one-of-a-kind item that can transform any area into a fashionably appealing and sumptuous space.

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What is a buffalo hide?

A buffalo hide is basically the raw skin of a buffalo with its fur still attached. This material is used to make different kinds of products including throws, robes, rugs, coats, and others. It is widely popular because of its thick lush fur that can keep you warm and comfortable during the winter seasons. Buffalo hides are also durable and can last for a long period of time if properly taken care of and maintained. 

Are buffalo hides expensive?

Buffalo hides make amazing rugs and it’s one of the reasons they’re a bit more costly than other types of rugs. Be cautious if you are buying a buffalo rug for a very low price. It's possible that you'll end up with a low-quality or fake buffalo hide. Buffalo hide rugs are well worth their money, and the value they provide to your home, as well as the material's quality, makes it only reasonable for them to be valued so high. Consider it more of an investment than a simple buy. When purchasing furniture, for example, you want to make sure you acquire the highest-quality items that will complement your house wonderfully. A buffalo hide rug is undoubtedly worth owning for persons who are passionate about making their houses lovely with decors.

Is it hard to clean a buffalo hide?

Due to the thick lush fur of the buffalo rug, cleaning it can sometimes be a chore. It is not advisable to use a vacuum to clean your buffalo hide rug. Simply shake out the rug every once in a while, to remove loose dirt and dust. Doing this will make your rug lighter and look clean and refreshed all the time. It's important to be careful while brushing dirt off your hide. Brushing with the grain of the fur, for example, is required. Brush only in the direction of hair growth to avoid disturbing and cutting off additional hair at the root.  Feel free to apply a fabric safe odor eliminator for a quick refresh when necessary.

What makes buffalo hide the perfect home accessory?

Buffalo skins are long-lasting and comfortable. It offers a variety of functional and aesthetic advantages, and it is a unique piece of décor to have in a home. Buffalo fur rugs and other accessories offer numerous advantages over contemporary soft furniture, including being fairly gorgeous and providing a warm, classic feel.

How can I decorate my home with buffalo hide?


  • Rugs for the living area

The buffalo hide rug is a wonderful addition to give your living area some hint of warmness and coziness but also with a splash of luxury and grandeur. Hide rugs look very fashionable and unique.  It’s almost always rare to find something like a rug with a thick lush texture that hides have. Whether your home is styled in a contemporary or farmhouse vibe, buffalo hide rugs can definitely make your space look amazing. 

  • Throw a pillow to spruce up your bed and sofa

The lush fur texture of the buffalo hide makes soft fluffy throw pillows. Another way you can add comfort to your space is to introduce the buffalo hide in the form of colorful throw pillows. You can add a couple of these pillows to your sofa to furnish the room and in your bed as well to complement and contrast your beddings and create a cozy bed. 

  • Throws for a warm cozy feel

Throws are an essential part of the décor. Throws add style to the space whether you fold it neatly or drape it casually on the arm of your sofa. If you like to lounge on your couch, having a throw blanket at your arms reach is very convenient. It is also another way of adding warmth and comfort to your space. The texture of buffalo hide makes a perfect throw blanket. Not only will it warm you while you’re on your sofa watching tv, but it can also make your living room look extra comfy. 

There’s a lot we can talk about how buffalo hide is a perfect addition to your living room. But we’ll keep this sweet and short and let you have some time to think about getting one. If you’re looking for different kinds of animal hide rugs, check out our collection of beautiful and quality-made rugs right here.

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