Seriously, These Are The Best American Buffalo Bison Rugs Anywhere!

Our Buffalo Bison Rugs Are Amazing

I have to take a minute to let anyone shopping for a buffalo rug know you can stop looking, you have found them.  Our buffalo or bison rugs are ethically sourced from free range herds out in the mid-west states of America.  A special grader first works every buffalo hide by hand for five to six hours making sure the underside is clean and smooth.  The buffalo hide then goes through a natural, chrome free tanning process that makes every one of our buffalo hides extremely soft.  Our hides could seriously be used as blankets!  The topside is a natural ombre blend of black to brown with some buffalo hides being really blonde toward the middle.

Our new partnership is allowing us to sell our buffalo rugs at near wholesale pricing.  These could easily sell for more, but we are offering them at reasonable pricing so you too can enjoy one of our quality rugs at a fraction of what you would pay for this quality at other locations.  Plus there is no guessing!  The buffalo rug you see pictured is the hide you will receive.  We even measure them down to the inch and provide close up images so the buffalo rug you fall in love with online is the buffalo rug you will receive.

Only a small fraction of buffalo hides received by our supplier are used for rugs.  Hides with low fur, patches, or scarring are not used for fur rugs, but instead used for upholstery leather where you don’t need the whole hide.  Our supplier selects the best of the best buffalo hides and allows us to purchase.

Now is the season to find your favorite buffalo rug now.  Browse our ever changing section here and let us know if you have any questions.


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