5 Tips To Make the Most of Your Cowhide Rugs

Cowhide rugs come in many different styles and colors. Find out what makes our cowhides so special!  Our cowhide rugs are made by hand in Southern Brazil from artisans using natural materials. They're often used for home decor, but also make great gifts knowing they will last a lifetime!


  1. Buy A Quality Hide From A Quality Supplier


We know hides, because when we started importing cowhide rugs over ten years ago, that’s all we did.  The process was slow going at first because we wanted to find the right cowhide rug supplier that could provide quality over anything else.  I’m not going to lie, it was a process.  We tried many different suppliers and making international wire transfers was a bit unnerving.  However, through it all we have landed on the absolute best supplier in Southern Brazil.  We now select each and every hide for it’s character and uniqueness.  We carry natural cowhides but also import exclusive dyed colors that you will not find anywhere else!


2.     Cowhide Rugs Are Durable

Did you know that a cowhide rug will stand up to abuse; from your kids to your pets, to your neighbors that just keep stopping by.  We work with a lot of high-end designer showrooms that when a client comes in looking for a rug and they mention they have kids/pets, they “steer” them toward a cowhide rug, because they know the use a quality hide will endure.


3.     All Cowhide Rugs Are Unique

Now, I know what you’re thinking, two solid black cowhides are going to be the same.  Not true.  Even solid black cowhides can vary widely; details like size, tone, shape, even fur length can be different on each cowhide ensuring that no two will ever be alike.


4.     Choose The Right Size

Cowhides can be small up to some monsters going ten feet in one direction.  Our average size for our cowhide rugs is 7x8’.  We seriously noticed another supplier calling our size XXXXL and is charging a premium for them.  We only look for the larger sizes when selecting our cowhides.  You can always tuck some under furniture if it is too big, but we have also trimmed cowhides down in size because a client loved a particular one.


5.     Take Your Time, Kind Of

   We photograph each and every cowhide we receive so you not only can see an above image, but we dive in and take a couple close up images so you can see your hide in detail along with the fur length.  Not only do we photograph every hide, but they are measured right down to the inch so you will know exactly what you will be receiving.  I say take your time so you can make the selection best for you, but also know that once a cowhide rug is sold, there will never be another like it.  So if you see a cowhide rug you love, get it and if needed it can be easily returned.


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