Icelandic Sheepskin Rugs As Eye Catching Home Decor

Ah, tis the sheepskin rug season.  When it starts to get a little cold in the air, we look for warm, soft surfaces to help maintain our sanity as we work through the Winter months.  Nothing does this better than an Icelandic sheepskin rug.  These beautiful sheepskins have such amazing dimension with their extra large sizes and long (approximately 4 - 7") fur.  You see the shorter, dense fur of the Australian sheepskins everywhere!  From Ikea to Costco I find them everywhere.  However, nothing says unique and luxury like one of our XL sheepskin rugs.

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Think about a sheepskin draped over a chair, along the foot of the bed, in a bathroom, or even as a pet bed for your own little critter.  These are so many ways these sheepskins can work in your space.  And with so many options in size and color, I'm sure you can find something to fit your space and/or designer project perfectly.

Let's take a look at our sheepskin sizing options....

First there's a single sheepskin rug.  Our single sheepskins are XL and are approximately 50" long!  These can be used in so many ways and we have them in your natural tones of black, white, brown, and gray.  However, we also have these single sheepskin rugs in dyed colors of olive, linen, camel, steel, gray, and rusty.

sheepskin rug

There is also an option where two single sheepskin rugs are sewn back to back.  These are great draped over the foot of a bed or in a bathroom.  Size doubles to approximately 7 - 8' long.

black double sheepskin rug

And then we have our fantastic multi-pelt sheepskin rugs.  These are showstoppers!  Several single sheepskins are sewn together in a random pattern to make a larger rug that runs approximately 5' x 6'.  There are longer sheepskins, medium sheepskins, and some shorn short sheepskin rugs so the dimension is fantastic.  We have these rugs available in a melange of browns, creams, and grays, also available in natural whites, gray/white mixes, and brown/black mixes;  all unique sheepskins that will make a statement in your space.

cream sheepskin rug

That's it!  You can browse our ever changing inventory here.  And if you or your client is looking for a specific sheepskin size, let us know.  We've produced these rugs as large as 8' x 10' for clients before.

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