Cowhide Pillows For The Win

Cowhide Leather Pillows


Cowhide leather pillows can add a bit of warmth and texture to your space.  They come in a huge variety of colors just like a cowhide rug, because that’s exactly what they are.  Artisans and home crafters alike take a fur cowhide and use it to make unique leather hair-on-hide pillows that no one will ever have again.

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Our cowhide pillows are made from the finest Brazilian cowhide and come in a range of colors and patterns to suit home decor in any space.  We have everything from natural solid black and stenciled zebra cowhide pillows all the way up to our exclusive dyed colors of yellow, pink, and even the stunning moss green.  Unlike most companies, our cowhide pillows are all hand-made in Southern Brazil and are double sided in full cowhide; not stitched squares or cotton backings.  Not only that, we include a luxury down/feather insert that gives them that V-chop that interior designers and home decor specialists look for.  You can find our pillows in rectangle 12x20 and square 20x20 throw pillow sizes.



How To Clean A Cowhide Pillow


A quality cowhide pillow is going to last decades with proper maintenance.  Spills can be wiped off with ease.  Just like our cowhide rugs, liquids don’t really soak into the hide unless left untouched overnight.  You can use a cloth to wipe with the fur direction and if needed add a little soapy water for an extra bit of cleaning.  The main thing is not to soak the cowhide and allow it to air dry away from direct sun.  If you do get your cowhide pillow really wet, remove it from the insert and allow to lay flat for drying; again away from heat/sun.  Also feel free to spray with a fabric deodorizer for a freezing up when needed.


That’s about it.  Don’t forget to take a look at our unique cowhide pillow selection here and if you’re looking for something specific, reach out!


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