Axis Deer Hides Are A Beautiful, Classic Animal Hide


Axis Deer Hides

Axis deer hides are beautiful exotic furs with a cinnamon brown tone and random white spots. The fur is short and does not shed very easily.  The larger the animal hides get, the hide does start to get a lot thicker in the neck area.  Sizes of our axis deer hides range from approximately 35 “ x 42” with some of our larger hides going 45”+.

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Axis deer hides vary wildly in quality.  The best quality is A with little to no holes or scars.  Keep in mind, Axis deer are wild animals so perfect hides are hard to obtain, however Furug works with a tannery to hand select our hides based on size and quality.  B+ grade Axis hides will have a few holes, some on the edges, but can still look perfect from above.  C grade hides and lower may have numerous holes and scars.  Due to the animal hide not being of great quality, Furug does not import any animal hides lower than a B+ grade.


Axis or Chital deer are a species of deer native to India.  They were introduced to Hawaii in the 1860s and Texas in 1932.  However, Furug imports our Axis deer hides directly from Argentina where the herds flourish.

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